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Why Train with Us

World’s best self defense

We teach the ultimate adaptive form of combat. Learn to handle yourself in any situation against one or more attackers, with skills for common attacks plus ground, grappling and weapons.

Gain Confidence

Nothing will give you more confidence than learning to defend yourself. No experience required. We can teach anyone to defend themselves with fun and engaging classes.

Strength, Balance, Fitness

Get a fun, holistic experience that helps you have a lean, energized mind and body. Strength, balance and fitness help you in every activity.

Student Testimonials

Wing Chun has given me an understanding of ‘forward intention’ in person problem solving. Now I set boundaries with assertiveness rather than aggression or submissiveness.

Milton Samis

Milton Samis

Great relaxed atmosphere to learn and study kung fu.  Sifu Bill cares about the success of his students, and can really break down any techniques to make execution simple.

Torin Gillen

Torin Gillen

The people are welcoming and helpful and Sifu Bill is a great teacher. He is skilled at changing his teaching methods to help a particular student. Wing Chun is well suited for those who are any size.

Sean van der Leeden

Sean van der Leeden

The environment is very welcoming, Sifu Bill Stewart is really passionate about training and teaching. He is among the best. Wing Chun itself is a very practical martial art, it is all about efficiency and economy of motion. All in all, very recommended.

Bassam Sayad

Bassam Sayad

I’ve always wanted to learn a martial art, but tend to get nervous starting something new. This Academy felt inviting, Sifu Bill has a way of making everyone feel comfortable in class. He is patient and creates an atmosphere that transfers down to each student.

Catherine Marchand

Catherine Marchand

I have been training with Sifu Bill at Dynamic Defense for a number of years. It is great for maintaining physical fitness and a great stress release workout. Wing Chun is a practical form of self defense for the real world. As an older student, Wing Chun allows me to work within my limitations and still be effective. A well rounded program overall. Highly recommended!

Bruce Nichols

Bruce Nichols

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